Monster adventure activity sports days are different to most.

 We will bring all the equipment needed for a fun day of alternative sports, let us worry about all the set up and take down and just sit back and relax whist the students get to try something different. 

 Instead of your normal running, jumping and throwing we like to mix it up a little, students will still run, jump and throw but in a totally different way. we can set up Archery, axe throwing, archery tag, blind fold challenges and many more games to challenge your students and keep them interacting and active throughout the day.


 If you would like more information or to discuss how we can help run your next sports/activity day contact us via email or give us a call and we will run through all options available.

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 Activity Sports Day with Monster Adventure


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All activities can be point scored so there is a winning person/team for each activity.

Our days can be run wholly by us with our activities or we can compliment your sports day with adding any of our activities to your normal routine.

many schools have used this as a one off day separate to their school sports day, and have found their students have interacted well to the alternate sports where normally they would not feel included.