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Our school residential's are bespoke to your school, we will work with you to build the perfect residential for your students. So whether your're looking to challenge your students, help them integrate into a new year or just want them to have fun. We have the expertise and staff to deliver the perfect residential for your school.


We have many sites in different location across the UK which we can work from so we are not stuck to one venue, this gives you more options of activities, accommodation and prices.  This also means you can normally get the dates you are looking for.



  • Caving                       Climbing

  • Archery                      Raft building

  • Canoeing                   Kayaking         

  • Axe throwing              Hiking

  • Mountain biking          Team building  

  • Field games                Tag archery

  • High ropes                 Low ropes      


All our activities are run by fully qualified, experienced and insured instructors who love the great outdoors and express their love of nature to the groups we take out.    

As well as taking care of the planning, booking and the instruction side of things we can also offer catered residentials so your staff can get really involved in the experience or sit back and watch your students grow in confidence.

If you would like more information or to discuss your requirements, 

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