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The residential based at Bramhope near the chevin country park, accommodation would be camping in 4/8 man tents in smaller camps of 16- 48 students. Maximum number 240.

Activities would include archery, axe throwing, air rifles,climbing, watersport ( paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking)orienteering, bushcraft, archery tag, zorb football, problem solving and frisbee golf. You can choose the activities to best suit your needs. There would be 6 three hour activity sessions. Other activity options, and timing structures are available. It could be run like a large competition with points being awarded for each activity, or just as a multi activity residential. In the evening there would be team games, more bushcraft activities and camp fires. 

The package would include accommodation tents, all tents will have a roll mat for participants.

Food based on breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, and hot chocolate and biscuit supper. Cooked by a team of cooks.


  • Day 1 dinner (main meal and pudding)

  • Day 2 breakfast (cereal, toast and porridge (hot option available)

  • Day 2 Lunch (sandwich, crisps, fruit, chocolate, and a drink.)

  • Day 2 Evening meal (main meal and pudding)

  • Day 3 breakfast (cereal, toast and porridge (hot option available)

  • Day 3 Lunch (sandwich, crisps, fruit, chocolate, and a drink.)

All activities and equipment.

Group 1 (36)

Activity 1: AAA

Activity 2: ClimbP

Activity 3: Water Sports

Activity 4: Bushcraft

Activity 5: A|T - Zorbs

Activity 6: Walk

Group 4 (36)

Activity 1: Bushcraft

Activity 2: A|T - Zorbs

Activity 3: Walk

Activity 4: AAA

Activity 5: ClimbP

Activity 6: Water Sports

Group 2 (36)

Activity 1: Walk

Activity 2: AAA

Activity 3: ClimbP

Activity 4: Water  Sports

Activity 5: Bushcraft 

Activity 6: A|T - Zorbs 

Group 5 (36)

Activity 1: Water Sports

Activity 2: Bushcraft

Activity 3: A|T - Zorbs

Activity 4: Walk

Activity 5: AAA

Activity 6: ClimbP

Group 3 (36) 

Activity 1: A|T - Zorbs

Activity 2: AAA

Activity 3: Walk

Activity 4: ClimbP

Activity 5: Water Sports

Activity 6: Bushcraft

Group 6 (36)

Activity 1: ClimbP

Activity 2: Water Sports

Activity 3: Bushcraft

Activity 4: A|T - Zorbs 

Activity 5: Walk

Activity 6: AAA


All specialist equipment and safety PPE is provided

Activities are largely on site, we have put the activity together based on location on site for easy transition between activities.

Rotation 1 - Axes, archery, shooting all in a self contained area

Rotation 2 - Zorbs and archery tag

Rotation 3 - Walk , circular walk to Chevin Country Park

Rotation 4 - Bushcraft (fire lighting) problem solving

Rotation 5 - Watersports activities. (To be run off site)


There are plenty of activity options, this is what we consider the best, through our experience.

The rotation would be 3hrs with some activities running for an hour and some for an hour and a half.

There are 9 showers and 15 toilets on the site. There are also showers at the watersport’s location. The centre has 39 beds, Teachers would be camping with the students for supervision.

Staffing – based on 180 students. We can accommodate up to 240

Not included in the price - Transport to and from site and activities, sleeping bag. Instructors will all have first aid, mental health first aid. The package is available with fully downloadable risk assessments and other supporting documents ready to upload on to evolve.


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